A new generation of TV formats designed around social interaction.


We believe in a new model of TV formats designed for Broadcast TV. A model where viewers engage with their TV experience like they do with social networks. A model where they can share and connect with each other while enjoying their entertainment experience.

Through experimentation, customer feedback and iterative design, we have developed iLIKE.TV. Differently from the “private experience” offered by video-on-demand streaming platforms, iLIKE.TV formats are based on the “shared experience” that only Broadcast Television can create.

iLIKE.TV formats are an integrated social product that redefines what Television means to a new generation.



AGE: 18-35

It’s “tinder meets television”, download the free app and connect with your new friends of the iLIKE.TV community. A cross-media format designed around iLIKE.TV’s hunt for fresh new faces for its shows. Join the TV experience and share with the other viewers. This is social TV.

AGE: 16-35

Download the free app, select 5 pictures from your phone, choose the theme and add the music. When you are done with your choice, press "send" and you will be given a personalized appointment on TV for the next day. At a specific time you will be able to see your personal 20-sec clip on air on national TV, your 20 seconds of fame!

AGE: 10-25

The live TV show hosted by Selenia and Andrea from the most visited shopping mall in Italy. Viewers can participate live from the location, from home or from wherever they are via the free app. You can share and connect with existing and new friends and if you get the highest number or likes you are invited live on TV and meet the stars. A tv experience crafted for the digital natives.

AGE: 14-25

Francesca is 20 and tells her daily life to her viewers and fans every day at 4.00 PM on iLIKE.TV.

The show is her video diary that she produces from her own bedroom in a remote village in Tuscany. She talks to the cam and every TV episode is based on the actual inputs from her viewers and fans that interact with her via facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube, google+ or whatsapp and respond to her questions and challenges in the 24 hours that follow each show.

During the first season, Francesca, with the help of her viewers and fans, works on her project to move out of her village to go and live in a big city.

AGE: 16-45

The show where you can become the star of the movie screen.
This is the first show that airs both on TV and in the movie theatres across the country thanks to the partnership between iLIKE.TV and UCI CINEMAS, the leading cinema operators in Europe with 450 theatres in Italy alone. It’s 100 seconds of show about the secrets behind the scenes of the most anticipated movies of the moment. The add-on feature of this show is that the TV and cinema audience is invited to send a selfie of themselves and tag it with a specific hashtag. Every week the best are shown on the TV and on the Cinema screens before the movies, bringing the social participation to the movie theatre for the first time.

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